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Category - Nerazvrščeno

For one wek ago The Huchen monster of 15,50 kg, 110 cm

Guiding Hucho Hucho, Nerazvrščeno

Since I was a Little boy I have just one thing of my mind…..Fishing



Fishing in Slovenia in the waters of fishing club Bled and in across Slovenia in the Lakes Bled and Bohinj and Rivers Sava, Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna, Baca, Krka, Idrijca…Fly fishing, spinning and carp fishing. Sale of fishing…

Fishing Predators Pike in the Lake Bled – Slovenia


Lake Bled is one of the greatest adventures of Predator Fishing Especially Fishing on Pike. In the lake are incredibly large specimens of pikes. The record is 128.5 cm about 18 kg.

Fishing Slovenia Guiding fly fishing river soča with extreme angler team


Fly fishing in river Soča – the smaragd experience! FB:

Hucho Hucho Fishing Slovenia GUIDING FISHING (Danube Salmon) – SLOVENIA


Huchen fishing is an extraordinary adventure and an unforgettable experience in Slovenia. Huchen fishing with spinning and Fly Fishing for Huchen, has become a real obsession among lots of fishermans in last few years. Huchen fishing was reserved…